How DADDY’S BBQ™ Came To Be

My childhood was filled with countless trips with Daddy along the back roads of South Mississippi and beyond, in search of great BBQ shacks. Though we found good BBQ, it was never quite to Daddy's satisfaction. So my father, the late James R. Bates, turned his attention to perfecting his own recipes. The result was the creation of Daddy’s BBQ™ sauces and rubs.

With these products as the foundation, Daddy opened a BBQ shack of his own and called it Bates BBQ™. Word of mouth spread, and it wasn't long before folks were traveling the back roads themselves, flocking to the woods of Jayess, Mississippi for a taste of Daddy's special sauce. Bates BBQ™ started in this rural setting because of Daddy's love for cooking wonderful food for good people. In honor of my father's love for his friends and customers and his efforts to bring them great BBQ, we proudly bring you Daddy’s BBQ™ products Brown Sugar & Honey BBQ Sauce, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, Sweet Love™ Original Rub and Sweet Love™ Chicken Rub.

Once hooked, Daddy’s friends started carrying jars of his wonderful barbecue sauce around town with them. One couple would carry a jar of the sauce into other restaurants to put on their dinners! Another couple discovered the secret to getting their kids to eat their vegetables was to cover them with Daddy’s BBQ™ Sauce! The result is always a clean plate!

As we carry on the Daddy's tradition, folks began asking if we would create a rub especially for chicken.  

We did, and our taste-testers agreed- it was the best they'd ever had.  The only suggestion- a youngster told us if we could get the chickens to eat it, they'd have it inside too.  We'll work on that. 

In the meantime... Put It On!™

We're confident that our sauces, rubs and recipes will bring joy to your dinner table or backyard grilling experience. THANK YOU for your support of Daddy's BBQ as we strive to make Daddy proud!

James Edward Bates

 Daddy's BBQ... we didn't invent barbecue, we just made it better...

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